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Troca Hotels & Yachts is a New England and Florida based luxury lifestyle hospitality company that owns and operates iconic boutique hotels and industry first "pop-up" super yacht hotels.


The name Troca is derived from Portuguese and means passage, voyage, exchange and transformation, which is emblematic of the mission of the company to foster authentic and relevant exchange and connection between people from different places and cultures. Troca’s unique properties offer: a shift in time, pace and state of mind, an interchange of experience, and a passage to a new adventure. ​


All Troca Hotels are identified by their geographic coordinates; the latitude and longitude for Brunswick, Maine – 43°N 69°E – is represented in The Daniel 43°69The Stonehedge Hotel & Spa offers the warmth and service of a favorite New England country inn and the pampering of a full service spa. It is represented by its SH 42°71 brand logo for Tyngsboro, Massachusetts – 42°N 71°E .


Troca One is our flagship super yacht based out of Miami Beach, Florida. Troca One is the world's first pop-up boutique yacht hotel where guests can book exclusive overnight stays on a a luxury yacht in various ports of call throughout New England and Florida depending on the season.


Troca Hotels takes care of our guests with warmth, generosity and conviction. We make our guests feel like close friends who we care about. We show our guests around the place they are visiting and give them access to the best of the area. We introduce our guests to the locals and let them all become friends. We firmly believe that true lifestyle luxury is not about marble and magnitude it is about personality and personalization, about warmth and connection, about relevance and engagement.

Troca Hotels & Yachts.

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