The Troca Thus Far...

Troca Hotels founder Beej Das once worked at one of the world’s largest institutional hotel companies. Discouraged by an approach that emphasized growth over all else, he envisioned a new type of hospitality company that focused on building one special hotel at a time. He wanted to build a business that discovered undervalued assets in interesting places, assembled passionate every day hoteliers, and created destinations where engaged travelers and locals alike could become friends and form communities.

Beej's roots and heritage influenced Troca Hotel's journey, which like him, was born and raised in America but takes a healthy dose of its direction and guidance from the warmth and hospitality of eastern cultures.  We believe that the intersection of global cultures, best practices and understanding creates the most positive hospitality outcomes; that belief informs our corporate behavior at every step. Our cross cultural genesis yields an innovative combination of Western processes with Eastern warmth.

Troca's advisory board is well represented by innovative thinkers who influence the global hospitality industry. From a small core team at its inception, the company has grown significantly and now has over a hundred team members. 

Troca Hotels now include four unique destinations. We have touched two continents and five cities and earned a reputation for innovation and excellence in each market we operate. Since inception, the entire team at Troca Hotels has worked to give life to the dream that genuine and curated hospitality that is both global and local can enrich guests, the company and investors alike. As we build our brands, our legion of global investors, friends and Troca Hotels guests, we thank the universe for allowing us to work every day knowing we are doing what we love.

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