Troca Travelers

Troca Travelers expect luxury but appreciate authentic, stylish and functional spaces. They want their needs to be anticipated through intuitive and personalized service. They want to feel generally cared for. Troca Travelers are executives, entrepreneurs, luxury vagabonds and upscale leisure travelers who seek out an alternative to the impersonality of institutional luxury. They want to be extremely comfortable, relaxed and “in the know.” In other words, they are seeking a truly curated experience.


Troca Travelers seek both luxury and value, covet ease but also enjoy engagement, and want to explore but love the familiar. They are largely unbounded in what they consider feasible but have strong preferences as to what is ideal.


Importantly, Troca Travelers relish abundance but abhor waste. For this reason, we are dedicated to delivering value to Troca Travelers with a curated lifestyle hospitality experience that meets the demands for the strong and growing market in the lifestyle luxury hotel segment.